November 20, 2007

You asked for more Alice...

alice_lopi01.jpg, originally uploaded by alicethelma. I give you more Alice. This shot is from our little photo session at Laurelhurst Park before the rains came. Remember I mentioned in one of my earlier posts that the Cobblestone was my first sweater in about ten years? Well this here Lopi sweater, I believe, was that last sweater of ten years ago. It came out way too big - I knit in a very relaxed manner, remember? Way too warm - you’d have to live in Iceland, the land of Lopi, to wear it for more than five minutes without sweating to death. And way too itchy. Even Alice said it was itchier than the Cobblestone. Still, the Lopi sweater is a sight to behold, a lovely sweater as modeled by my lovely daughter, Alice, on a lovely autumn day.

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