January 2, 2008

Sheldon and Max going home

As I was packing Max up to take him back to his cold, lonely apartment in Portland, I realized that I hadn't taken any photos of the finished Sheldon. You may remember Sheldon the Turtle from a cryptic post back in November. I'm not too crazy about making stuffed animals - too much sewing up - but this little guy was fairly simple and surprisingly fun to make. The shell is removable and it's kind of like a turtle sweater. Also, Sheldon was my first experience in iCord bind off and it's always nice to learn some new technique. What else can I say? Probably won't make another stuffed animal for another year but it was an interesting experience nonetheless.

I'm sure Max will complain about these photos, but I think they're cute.

The theme for January is "finishing" so look for lots of projects to reach completion this month. That's my hope anyway.


Your Son said...

These pictures are totally weird, but my hair looks awesome. I'm torn.

USD Law BLSA said...

i love max's hair. although reading your blog was like reading how to build an airplane from scratch, or something equally confusing, i still enjoy it. :)