February 14, 2008

Some Knitting for V-Day

Pink Oven Mitt Cascade 128, originally uploaded by alicethelma.

I wanted to make a post for Valentine's Day and pay tribute to one of my favorite colors: pink, of course! It's fitting that the oven mitt sits on the car seat because that is where Cynthia sat as she looked through the oven mitts last night and eventually decided to buy the pink one along with two others.

I'll make more. I always do. However, there's a wee problem. Not only is the j-o-b cutting into knitting time, so is the intense, almost debilitating shoulder pain I've been experiencing recently. Everyone tells me to go to the doctor but without health insurance that's not likely to happen anytime soon. So I'm trying to baby my shoulder by mousing with my left hand, using ergonomics, pain relievers and rest.

Well, actually, instead of resting, I started a new BT project: the Shetland Triangle:

Knit in Karabella vintage cotton I'll confess that this one was a little tricky at the onset despite what everyone on Ravelry says about it being so easy. However, now that I'm well into the pattern, I have to say that's it quite addicting. I know that I've made at least one mistake but Janet exclaimed "Who will see it in that pattern!" and she's right. So I'll not cave into my OCD tendencies to rip it back (this fiber is too slippery to frog!) and do my best to ignore the mistake –if I can ever find it again! Happy V-Day everyone.

PS Today was so spring like that the sensation to completely drop my knitting threatened to overcome me. Happens every year when the weather warms up and eventually it does become too hot to knit but that usually doesn't happen until August heat waves.

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