March 20, 2008

Close Knit

Close Knit Yarn Shop, originally uploaded by alicethelma.

I am just returned from Portland and visiting my favorite yarn shop, Close Knit. What makes this place special is not the the awesome selection of fine yarn although the store is literally bursting at the seams, with skeins exploding from every nook and cranny. And it’s not the cozy, welcoming atmosphere even though you could curl up on one of the sofas and easily take a nap. What makes Close Knit special is Adrienne who has got to be the friendliest knitter in all of Portland.

Sally, the owner, is terrific and lovely and also very friendly but it was Adrienne who, a few weeks ago and despite her distress, did not hesitate to patiently assist me in learning the dreaded “wrap 3” stitch from the Must Have Cardigan. Many thanks!

Today Adrienne did not flinch when I asked her to throw the completed and blocked Shetland Triangle over her shoulders and model it for me. She good naturedly sat there as I chattered on like an over-caffienated idiot. The Karabella Vintage Yarn comes from Close Knit and it’s a fine yarn indeed. I think I like red, this shade anyway, almost as much as I like pink.

Please indulge me now, while I present more photos of the Shetland Triangle.

Photos don't do this yarn or color justice. They can't begin to represent the beautiful characteristics of this truly outstanding fiber so please go see it in person if you can.

Getting back to my yarn shop excursion…

On this particular day, I didn’t buy any yarn although I was tempted by the fresh and juicy new colors of Cotton Classic.

I will probably go back and get some soon (for the ongoing mitered square blanket). That golden yellow in particular is really crying out to me. I mean, what kind of fiber addict am I anyway? Hey! Money’s tight right now ok? (When is money never tight? Hmmmm?) 

I did finally start the March socks the other day although whether I can finish them before April remains to be seen. I'm not sure if knitting two socks...

or knitting two sleeves...

simultaneously is any faster but at least you come away with a pair. I’m going to call this pair #3 for 2008 and resolve to knit 12 pairs this year rather than one per month. It still works out to the same amount, right?

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