March 27, 2008

False starts and new beginnings

Cobblestone Sleeve, originally uploaded by alicethelma.

Being the eager beaver that I am, I cast on a sleeve of the Cobblestone sweater on a whim the other day. I thought I had enough of this yarn (Swish/Squirrel Heather) in my stash to make Max another Cobblestone sweater. Well I don’t. I thought I had about twelve skeins but I only have nine.

Not to worry. I immediately dove into my stack of patterns and found Cable Cushion. It’s a copy from a book entitled The Well-Knit Home: Simple Techniques for Beautiful Results.

I've been wanting to make this pillow for sometime now and the Cable Cushion project fulfills my love of cables and also knits up quickly. This little bit was accomplished last night by the fire. Yes, a fire. It feels more like the start of winter than the start of spring these days. I even saw snowflakes this morning as I was driving Alice to school. This weather feels like the curse of spring break that happens every year but luckily Alice’s spring break doesn’t start until next week and hopefully the weather will be nicer. Thanks for letting me rant about the weather. It will change before long. It always does.

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