March 29, 2008

Three steps forward, two steps back (March heel madness)

I spent most of yesterday working on short row heels and while I would like to say that I came away with three perfectly formed heels, I only have one to show for a hard day’s work. Crazy perfectionist in me was ripping out heels at close to midnight – way too late to be knitting anyway.


Here’s a shot of the beautiful heel before I ripped it out. When I was still feeling spry and chipper. Isn’t it lovely?

The problem comes when I join the heel to the instep and can’t seem to eliminate the big gaping hole at the intersection. Help! Does anyone have any ideas?

Alice says the holes are not that bad. She doesn’t even notice them. So why do they bother me so much?

The weather yesterday was ripe for knitting with a lovely spring mixture of snow, sleet and hail. Willa was kind enough to give me some firewood so I spent the evening knitting by the fire. Doesn’t that just warm your heart? I shall repeat again tonight with the exception of turning the lights out at 8.

I did figure out that it takes me about an hour to knit one short row heel. That’s one hour of undisturbed, no distractions, phones-off-the-hook pure concentration. I’m getting better and that gives me confidence. So maybe the practice is a good thing.

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