April 13, 2008

April socks with a shrug

April socks, originally uploaded by alicethelma.

I finally finished the March socks but before I did, I had already started on the April pair. This is some unknown yarn (Regia I think) from my stash but it’s already exposing an interesting little pattern. I decided to make these socks the old-fashioned way. The way I always made socks before I knew any better (and when I derived more joy from the process). That is, from the top down on five needles, these being size 0 (zero!) again. Surpsingly, they are coming along really fast, even for such tiny needles. Because these socks are desitined for a guy with some pretty big feet (you know who you are) they’re going to take some time and that’s ok. These are now the “traveling socks”. The ones I take with me when I need something while I’m waiting. Waiting in line, or at the doctor’s office which has been happening with some frequency lately.

When I get to the heel, I may have Emily show me how to make a “Sherman” heel. Emily is a young and very knowledgable woman I met last Wed at Knit Night (at Close Knit). Speaking of which I started a little project there last week…

When I got the book Lace Style: Traditional to Innovative, 21 Inspired Designs to Knit in the mail from the library last week, I was immediately drawn to this pattern:

but Alice liked the Little Silk Shrug and it seemed easy enough and cheap enough and a good excuse to try out Rowan Calmer which I have never used before but now I LOVE it. It's not silk but I think it's great. So soft and spongy. mmmmmm

Needless to say one should never attempt a lace pattern, even one as easy as this one, at a knitting circle where one is more inclined to make mistakes while absent mindedly chattering away with other knitters while simultaneously being distracted by all the other projects. (Howz that for a nice run on sentence?). Still, the lace pattern is quite lovely as you can see.

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Sedo said...

that is really pretty. I wonder if you would ever like to make leg warmers with this pattern? And then post how you did it!