July 16, 2008

Still not sick of socks

green leaf socks, originally uploaded by alicethelma.

There are a few reasons that I'm stuck on socks these days. Beautiful patterns for one such as the lovely (and easy) embossed leaves from the book Favorite Socks pictured above.

Secondly, socks are small and in this hot weather that makes a big difference. When it's 90 degrees, you don't want a thick wool blanket or sweater on your lap (although I'm srsly jonesing to make a sweater soon).

Finally, there's the economics. Being on a budget these days, I'm trying not to spend any money on yarn. And even if I am tempted, socks are a smaller investement than say, a sweater. So far I've been using a lot of sock yarn from my stash, starting and stopping different socks and always hoping (and praying) that I have enough.

See if I don't come away with some yarn tonight.

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