August 21, 2008

anyone recognize this sweater?

All I know is that the pattern came from a Vogue Knitting magazine, one of the few VK patterns I have ever knit, I made it in the 80s, and at the time, I hated it. Why? I can’t tell you as it’s a perfectly good, well-knit sweater. However, I’m not sure I would make it today, with those crazy sleeves…and the high neck. Damn! I wish I had those old VK magazines. I’d probably sell them on eBay.

I wore the sweater in Europe in 1987 so I’m thinking that I must have knit it that same year too. I remember that with the three-quarter sleeves and cotton yarn, it really wasn’t quite warm enough for Germany and especially a rainy Italy in October but judging from the photos, I think I looked pretty good in it.

In Germany at the MargaretenSee near Lippstadt.

Here I am posed with my beloved Oma and Opa.

Wearing it in Italy with some distant Tolomei relatives.

If you have any information about this sweater, please contact chris at heavydutydesign [AT] gmail [dot] com.

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Next stop for me is Italy! First I think I'll learn the language.:)

love, AT