August 29, 2008

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For a person who has knit as long and as much as I have…well…I have learned a few things about knitting needles over the years. 

I tend to break bamboo especially in the smaller sizes. I mean they just don’t work for socks for me. And in my hands, the aluminum needles get bent.

By far the best needles, the Rolls Royce, Jaguar, Mercedes Benz of knitting needles are the nickel-plated brass. Aren't they gorgeous?

zoom zoom zoom, originally uploaded by alicethelma.

So I was extremely excited to discover them at Jo-Ann’s the other day. Pictured are the Susan Bates “Velocity” 29 inch circular in a size 7. Speed is an apt descriptor as the nickel-plated needles are also very FAST. Bamboo are fine for beginners, they actually “grip” the stitches, but when you’re trying to get a sweater finished in a hurry, there’s nothing better than nickel-plated.

I took the new needles and my current mindless knitting to Esther Short Park where the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra was performing a free concert. Patricia, Willa and Rosie also came along and we all piled in the car. Willa and Rosie, pictured here in a rare photo, are practically inseparable.

I entered the drawing for free season tickets but as I was filling out the ticket, I realized it was just another ruse to mine my personal data: Name, address, telephone number and email address. More junk mail I grumbled to myself. I relented, giving only my mailing address. Well guess who won the tickets? Yep, it was my big pink hat and me.

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Courtney said...

I swear by and LOVE the knitpicks needles :-)