September 14, 2008

in the loop

first magic loop socks, originally uploaded by alicethelma.

I finally broke down and bought a 40" addi turbo (size 0) and taught myself the "magic loop" method of knitting socks. Wow! I was instantly taken with this technique and wonder why I have never used it sooner. Also, why don't I have more addis? Sure they're more expensive but they are sooooooo worth it.

For the unintitiated, magic loop is a method for knitting items such as hats, socks, sleeves etc. using one long circular needle. It's much faster and more efficient than any method I have used hitherto. The socks pictured above are the embossed leaves pattern that I've knitted twice already - once in green and once in a pale pink Jitterbug. The current yarn du jour is Pagewood Farm 100% superwash merino hand dyed in a luscious color called golden (hence the name of the current pair which I'm calling "golden leaves").  Knitting anything in yellow is a first for me but I love love love this color!

As you can see, I am far from sick of socks. Quite the contrary.

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Carol said...

I need to get me some long Addis for exactly this reason. Last time I went to look, my LYS was out. *pout*