October 25, 2008

fall colors

I love this time of year.

It’s dry – I can’t even remember the last time it rained.

It’s warm – that’s relative of course.

And the colors this time of year are simply stunning.
I love Fall colors. For some people it’s the leaves. For me it’s the yarn.

Yes I splurged. But the colors, oh my gawd, the colors…see for yourself.

jitterBug, originally uploaded by alicethelma.
We start with jitterBug a truly fabulous merino wool from scotland. This luscious color is called ginger cinnabar and will be knee socks eventually for splurge upon splurge I bought two hanks! The last time I used jitterBug was back in May for my first embossed leaves. First of many.

Next we have a beautiful and smooth merino from Lana Grossa which will be a hat to replace the loss of my beloved hat (boo-hoo), a pattern of my own devising or possibly this little gem.

Picked up some bargain sock yarn at Jo Ann's for $3 each utilizing their 50% off coupons to make up for the earlier splurges. This being October it seems to be national crafting month, with deals and steals everywhere you look.

And then there is blue heron silk merino given to me by the folks at Close Knit to knit a store sample with. I'm honored but also a little stressed out. Can I knit them in time? WIll they be up to snuff? See? Even a knitter of 28 years can still feel insecure. Check out the progress so far on the royal knee socks:


Girl Meets Needle said...

Oh the jealousness!

I love that Jitterbug and have been eyeballing that particular color for quite a while. :)

Hope you enjoy all your fun yarns!

Chris T. said...

It's def the color du jour!

midgeling said...

LOVE those colors. I didn't realize Jitterbug came in that one! Good luck knitting the sample. You will get it done in time!

The binge knitter said...

He he, for me it's also my hair! Mine is the same shade as that ball of Merino, very cheerful!