December 7, 2008

Grizzly socks

As I was updating my finished projects links to the right, I realized that I hadn’t blogged about this one:

spring forward socks
Grizzly socks, originally uploaded by alicethelma.

I finished the Grizzly Spring Forward socks a couple of months ago (on Sept 22 according to my Ravelry project notes) sent them to Nell in Bloomington for her 21st birthday and then completely forgot about them. As I was tallying my socks for the year, and installing the links to the right – well that’s when it hit me that I had never debuted them here on the blog.

I call them “Grizzly” because they’re brown – obviously! – but they are knit from the pattern spring forward which can be found for free on knitty. Great pattern! Looks complicated but is easily memorized if you just keep track of the repeats like I do, with a stitch marker.

spring forward socks

And you know that brown is my favorite color. The yarn is KnitPicks Essential Tweed in INca Gold. A very lovely soft fiber to work with.

So that’s the exciting new for today. I hear that Nell likes them very much. Nell and Max are currently in Iowa…or maybe on their way back to Indiana. In any case, I hope they’re staying warm. 

How do you stay warm?

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Maud said...

Beautiful yarn, with those small coloured dots! The socks look very comfortable and warm.