December 3, 2008

who needs symmetry?

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asymetrical cable hat, originally uploaded by alicethelma.

I finished this little gem, the asymmetrical cable hat, a few weeks ago but couldn't find a suitable model until just recently. It looks adorable on my neice Juliana don't you think? 

The hat is a quickie knit from the book One Skein (by Portlander Leigh Radford) and if you love cables as much as I do, you'll have fun making this hat. The hat construction is straightforward - no dcreases. I used some Cascade Bulky that I bought at Close Knit earlier this year and of course I ran out so I made the pom pom out of white. Then I actually found another ball of pink in my stash!

The hat is really comfy and cozy and also looks pretty groovy on Juli's Dad, my brother Steve.

I'm back from celebrating Thanksgiving with family in the Bay Area. Here's the whole gang.

Only a few people missing but it's always a great feast at my sister's house. Many thanks to Karen and Jeff.


On a limb with Claudia said...

Gosh, that's a gorgeous hat! I plurked this but I've never done cables. I'm a little intimidated by them - suggestions??

Thanks for sharing your projects!

Chris Tolomei aka alicethelma said...

This is a good beginner cable project...and knit in the round too! I recommend using a charted cable pattern and keeping track of the row you're on with a stickie note. Cables are fun!

midgeling said...

Juli is gorgeous, but I have to say, I am glad you got a pic of Steve wearing the hat, LOL!

Courtney said...

I love big families, I have a big family to