November 15, 2007

Roland models the Cobblestone

Before I give the recently completed Cobblestone sweater to Max for Christmas, I asked my good friend Roland (aka Mr. Em) to try it on while we were sitting around at Starbucks having coffee. And oh my goodness, It looked so good on him! Roland is a lanky man, about six feet tall and 140 pounds. “But I’m not scrawny” he insists. Initially I started the sweater in the medium size and even though I did achieve the proper gauge-yes, I really did knit a gauge swatch- the sweater grew as I knitted it and I was afraid it would be too big. I’m an extremely “relaxed” knitter as they say. So I ripped it out and cast on for the smaller size. I’m so glad I did. The sweater fit Roland perfectly. He looked absolutely stunning in it so I asked him to model for me and he reluctantly agreed. What a friend.

On the appointed day, we headed to Esther Short Park in downtown Vancouver, Washington. It was a magnificent autumn afternoon. Simply awesome.

Doesn't the sweater look yummy?

I was inspired by the leaves.

I was inspired by the stone monoliths.

I was inspired by nature.

But most of all, I was inspired by the sweater. Doesn't it look great?

I can’t tell you the last time I had so much fun. Thank you, Mr. Em.

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Anonymous said...

I'm inspired by both you, the sweater, Mr. Em and the photography. And I really like your blog.