January 27, 2008

Rip it. Rip it good.

Like everyone else, I hate to frog my knitting but the numbers on this Hemlock Ring blanket just weren’t jiving. I kept knitting along hoping that the number of stitches, the pattern, the yarn overs and decreases would all suddenly coalesce and blissful knitting would ensue. However I reached a point where the discrepancy simply could not be ignored any longer. I couldn’t continue. So I had to suck it up, take a deep breath and rip it.

I ripped back to row 41 and started obsessively knitting again. I am now up to row 59. Other than that I managed to finish another oven mitt and make good progress on February socks, I had much, much more that I wanted to accomplish this weekend but alas! We are off to the movies again. Have you seen the Diving Bell and the Butterfly yet? Au revoir!

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