January 29, 2008

Look Ma - It's a swatch!

swatch knitting
Swatch knitting, originally uploaded by alicethelma.

I’ve had the Street Smart booklet for a couple of months now but I was inspired (reminded really) by Yarn Harlot’s recent post to dust it off again. I was also inspired by a 25% off coupon burning a hole in my pocket so I rushed over to Michael’s and scooped up all 6 skeins of Paton’s Classic Wool Merino in Natural Mix (for the bargain price of $22!). I literally cleaned ‘em out!

I don’t know why I never used this yarn before because, in addition to being super affordable, it knits up wonderfully. Very springy with a nice hand as they say. Initially I bought the SS booklet for the Urban Aran pattern and I have to confess that I am seriously conflicted. I don’t know which sweater to make first. Aaaaaaarrrrrrrrgggggggghhhhhh! I may dash over to Jo-Ann’s later this week for more Paton’s (it’s on sale - 2 for $8) and now I even have a gift card (Thanks Nell!). There’s a dark gray color that appealed to me and as you may have noticed, I’m quite fond of gray.

Since the last few posts have been heavy on the knitting and quite possibly boring to some, here’s a photo of the three of us on our recent “vacation” in California. Don’t we make a cute little family?

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