February 3, 2008

The short row heel conquered...and other knitting news

Lovely short row heel, originally uploaded by alicethelma.

I think I have finally conquered the short row heel technique – doesn’t it look great? I followed misocrafty’s excellent tutorial which made all the difference. Now I’m flogging myself because I think the area where the heel joins the foot again is less than stellar. Seriously who is going to care or even notice except me, right?

Meanwhile, progress on the Hemlock Ring Blanket continues and I’m almost at the border. I’m actually enjoying the endless, mindless and meditative knitting. Don’t have to think too hard about this one...yet.

Yesterday I dropped in on Close Knit on Alberta Street only to discover, to my delight, that they were having a sale. Like I need more yarn right? I don’t but who can resist? The beautiful Karabella vintage cotton is going to be a Shetland Triangle which I am just itching to start. I had been searching for just the right color and it was love at first sight.

And last but not least, a tease. I give you “tentacles”, a top secret project. Shhhh.


emmwlr said...

OMG! That sock is stunning! Did you list a pattern? I was drooling and couldn't focus my eyes on the words. And yes, once you get short rows, they're not so bad. I'm not quite at the point where I can do them without a pattern, but close.

Chris T. said...

Thanks for your comments! The pattern is "Monkey" by Cookie A. and you can find it here:
Happy Knitting!