June 9, 2008

first heel flap of 2008

first heel flap of 2008, originally uploaded by alicethelma.

Once I decided to forego the short row heel in favor of the tried and true heel flap, the neglected April socks went FAST and before I knew it, I had one completed.

I guess there is something to be said for the heel flap/gusset combo even though, for purely aesthetic reasons, I prefer the short row heel. I think the heel flap is actually a good choice for this particular sock since it's a very sturdy long lasting heel and this sock is for a man. Also, I'll say it again, much faster for me to knit this type of heel (less frustrating too). Right now it’s about volume and I am two pairs behind in my goal to knit twelve pairs in 2008.

In other knitting news the Clapotis is coming along quite nicely. Not exactly mindless knitting because I do have to keep one eye on the pattern, it’s interesting enough both in color and stitch pattern to keep me engaged.

I’ve also pieced together the Must Have Cardigan and should have it finished soon- hopefully by Wed so I can show it off to the gang at knitting night. In non-knitting news, you can see a photo from the prom at my flickr account. Ciao for now!

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