June 29, 2008

not enough defiance

purple hair, originally uploaded by alicethelma.

Some time last week Alice asked me if she could put a purple streak in her hair and was disappointed when I said yes. Even more disappointed when I took her to Sally’s Beauty Supply and bought her the purple hair color. And then again disappointed at the results. Well, yes, I am her mother but I think it’s lovely.

Yesterday we saw the Chihuly show at the renovated de Young museum and it was also quite lovely. The museum has been finished since 2005 but I haven’t visited in probably about 30 years or so. The work was beautiful – colorful, intense, dramatically lit – oh yes and quite crowded. Go and see it soon.

Tomorrow we’re off to SF again to see Frida.

In the meantime, the river rock socks are coming along nicely. See for yourself.

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Andie said...

and there it is... i found your blog via "pagewood farms river rock". i found some in a shop in the mountains (was horribly reamed on price which i didn't know til i got home) and now i can't seem to find the perfect shade to add to my stash. this is a great hue. not too lavender-y. (mine is more dark greyish) also... now i must see the chihuly exhibit at the deyoung. last year they had a great one similar to this using burned embers from a church. we were also fortunate enough to see the vivienne westwood special exhibit! can't wait for cal academy science to reopen! your fellow east bay knitter...andie :)