June 27, 2008

knitting in berkeley

Since arriving in California, I’ve been missing my little circle of knitting friends at Close Knit so I checked out the S&B at Café Trieste in Berkeley which my sister had told me about. What a lovely group of young, talented and friendly knitters. There were lots of beautiful projects and one precious baby to admire.

[As a footnote, I felt as though the man pictured at the far left was making eyes at me and smiling at me throughout the evening. When I mentioned it, everyone ignored me…or maybe they didn’t hear me. I will confirm my suspicions (or my imagination) by hopefully attending again next Wed.]

We observed the sun turned an eerie orange as a result of the many (hundreds) of wildfires in Northern California. The sky here has been a perpetual white smoky haze since I arrived on Sunday.

Lots of progress on socks to report: I finished the embossed leaves pair with about two yards of yarn to spare as well as one each of the colorful striped kneesocks and the river rocks socks. At this rate I may have to run out and buy more sock yarn before my vacation is finished. The gals at the S&B told me about a new yarn shop on Solano Avenue which I’m just dying to check out!

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Vegan Knitting said...

Hey there! The pregnant gal in the green shirt is my friend from my old knitting group in San Rafael! If you see her again, please send her my best.

The leaves socks look really good on Ravelry. I can't wait to see them! Have fun in CA! We'll be there next week.