July 27, 2008

one more for the road

grizzly spring forward socks, originally uploaded by alicethelma.

Yep. I started another pair of socks the other day. These are the pattern called spring forward and the same pattern I used for the river rock socks. The yarn is Essential in Inca Gold Tweed from the stash.

Well I have to admit that I'm getting pretty close to tapped out on socks although I did take time out today to go kayaking on Timothy Lake. I do promise a fashion show of all the completed socks of summer before July is finished. Oh yeah and here is a photo of the finished green leaf sock that I mentioned the other day.

When I finished the sock at knitting nite, Adrienne asked "What's that? A kid's sock?" In my zeal to conserve yarn, I did go a little overboard. Thinking it would fit Alice, it turned out child sized - maybe big enough to fit a five year old. I'm going to finish them anyway. And maybe, just maybe, make another pair for Alice. The embossed leaves pattern is so much fun. tee hee.

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