July 31, 2008

sock fashion show

In no particular order, I give you...

alice in wonderland, originally uploaded by alicethelma.
...my first pair of kneesocks which is getting lots of hits on flickr. I was even invited to join the beautiful socks group. What an honor!
Alice did get a little bit of pitch on the socks but we had a lot of fun. At the same session, I modeled the waving lace socks and while I'm not crazy about my feet, I have come to accept them.
I think I was the only person down at the pool wearing socks but I got to show them off right?

Earlier this month, I finished the self-titled river rock socks which are based on the pattern spring forward.
Unfortunately, the pattern can't be distinguished too clearly from the colors of the yarn, but I plan on remaking this pattern in a solid (in fact I already am). It looks complex but it's actually fairly easy. And don't get me wrong. This is a great merino wool and I would use it again in a heartbeat.

And way back in June, I started, and finished the lovely embossed leaves socks. 
A joy to knit, they took me about a week start to finish.

The yarn, called "Jitterbug" from Colinette is sublime. I think merino wool is my favorite and this particular merino was so soft and spongy in a lovely and irregularly dyed shade of pink that it just made the entire knitting experience simply fabulous.

We're off to Last Thursday. Ciao!

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