August 7, 2008

why is it so hard to finish?

button flange pillow, originally uploaded by alicethelma.

I finished knitting this pillow over a year ago, amending the pattern and extending it to fit a square 16” pillow (because I could not find a 12” by 16” pillow anywhere). So in changing the pattern, I increased the amount of buttons needed to 6 on each side. For some inexplicable reason, I could not bring myself to sew those damn buttons on. And they’re so pretty, aren’t they.

Well I took the whole project including enough yarn to make a second pillow to my mother last year thinking (wrongly) that it would make a nice project for her. Needless to say, she did not sew the buttons on.

This year, I brought it back from California with me and in an extreme effort to actually finish a few projects, I finally sewed those damn [pretty] buttons on there. It makes a very decorative yet rather loose pillow. I make look for the next larger size pillow form.

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