September 28, 2008

anatomy of a sock photo shoot

alice in golden leaves, originally uploaded by alicethelma.

For quite some time I had the idea in my head that the pose in this famous Edward Weston photograph would make a great pose for modeling socks. What poor Alice discovered is that one needs quite a bit of flexibility to execute the pose. I’m thinking that the woman in the original photograph (shot in 1936 by the way) must have been a dancer or some other type of contortionist to pull it off. Alice said the hardest part was laying head to thigh. No matter, I think we came a way with a great shot anyway. Alice needs only to flash her teeth and brilliant smile and she immediately brightens any photo (or room for that matter).

Just a peak into the mind of a great artist (ahem) and where my inspirations/ideas come from.

Alice's smile may even have outshone the socks. 
Yes the socks are done.

I finished them in time to enter in Sock Knitter’s Anonymous September Sockdown. Yes I admit I have a problem. I’m powerless over the knitting of socks. The very next day after finishing golden leaves, I started Nutkin but had to frog it this morning. It was coming out way too small, even for Alice. Here’s a look at the progress. Lovely aren’t they? 

The same yarn will now become Pomatomus. Cookie's socks seem to use a lot of little tiny stitches. It will still qualify as an entry for the September socksdown. I’m off to cast on now.

[Breaking News: I might make Mermaid Fingerless Mittens instead. I'll keep you posted.]

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Nik said...

If the hardest part was putting her head on her thigh, I'm quite impressed. I can't even cross my legs at the ankle without darn near breaking something.