September 25, 2008

instant gratification

Calorimetry, originally uploaded by alicethelma.

Earlier in the month I felt a bit dissatisfied staring at all my unfinished projects. In looking for a quick fix and some instant gratification, I made the Calorimetry in less than 24 hours. Adorable isn’t it? Free pattern. Get it. Now.

According to the pattern, “Calorimetry is a scientific term describing the measurement of heat lost or gained.” And where do we lose the most heat? From our heads of course. The pattern appealed to me because I’m prone to wearing headbands these days as I grow my hair out and I had exactly one ball of wool of the Andes in amber heather (as well as a bowl full of shell buttons).

I cast on using size 6 needles even though the pattern called for size 8 and when I knit it again (yes, I’m planning to) I’ll probably use size 5. What I’m hearing from folks on Ravelry and throughout the world wide web is that the Calorimetry knits up BIG. Some say too big. I say it is a bit on the big side, even for me and I’ve got a very big head. The ribbing lends a built in stretch but you can always adjust with the button in the back.

Any-hoo. It’s a comfortable, quick and easy knit. Highly Recommended. Two thumbs up. Five stars.

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