December 13, 2008

How do you stay warm?

knitting t-shirts
lopi sweater, originally uploaded by alicethelma.

I never thought it would get cold enough for this Lopi sweater but the time has come. Here in the Portland-Vancouver area, we are expecting the coldest temps in five years. brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr They're even forecasting snow for tomorrow! Next week looks to be clear but frigid - down to the teens! - if you believe

I have never worn this sweater which I knit about 10 years ago because I'm always covered in sweat within minutes of putting it on. It was a fun and quick knit made from Reynolds Lopi in the EZ seamless yoke method. The other reason I never wear this sweater is because it's much too big. Because I'm such a relaxed knitter, I now size down, both in needle size and pattern size. So if I want to make a large, I cast on for a medium.

knitting t-shirts
Just something I learned in 28 years of knitting.

Last Fall I threw the sweater on Alice and she looked adorable.

Here's hoping that you stay warm and dry. Let me know how you're doing.


Nan said...

that's a gorgeous sweater. Sort of glad we're going to have some weather where you can wear it.

SJ said...

That is a spectacular sweater -- just perfect for a chilly day!

loloen said...

That looks so good on her! Very nice job with the sweater! Inspiring!

Maud said...


kj said...

I love Lopi sweaters...they last forever and are the warmest. The last one I bought was about 21 years ago and I wear I still wear it. The one you show here is beautiful. :)