December 20, 2008

Score! Solid wool sweaters at the Goodwill

knitting t-shirts
goodwill sweaters, originally uploaded by alicethelma.

I hadn't been to my local Goodwill in awhile and what a bounty I found there yesterday! I scored four 100% wool sweaters for $28. Here's a tip for all you bargain wool hunters out there: the best sweaters are in the men's department. Plus you get more bang for your buck - the men's sweaters are actually bigger!

So what will I do with these extra-large sweaters you ask? First, I will offer them to Max because he lives in the Midwest now and he may need them. I won't force him, but if he likes them and wants them, he can have them.

Next I may actually sew them up into tote bags, throw them in the hot water wash and felt them. It's something I've always wanted to try but so far have not been brave enough. Has anyone out there intentionally felted a sweater? Please share your experience with me.

knitting t-shirts

Lastly, I may unravel them and knit something new - perhaps a blanket. They're such lovely colors aren't they?


Lisa said...

Yes, felt them!!! I did that with a thrift store sweater, and ended up with the neatest bag! I had to knit handles for it, but you could probably figure out some way to use the sleeves. I was going to make the sleeves into spindle bags, but we had a water leak, they got wet and were ruined before I could save them.

I cut mine off below the armholes, and that felted tube became the bag, with the hem for the top edge. Just a seam on the bottom & a liner inserted, then the knitted handles. Tres cool.

Dee said...

My mother regularly felts thrift store sweaters. She sticks them in the hot water cycle of her washing machine. Then you can cut them to any shape and size.

She is amazing and she dyes them too, turns them into rugs, bags, and blankets.

Dee Anna