December 17, 2008

Urban Aran Cardigan progress

urban aran progress, originally uploaded by alicethelma.

Because the weather has been so miserably cold (see my cold weater adventures here) and we've been stuck inside, it's been a good time to catch up on some projects I've been neglecting.

Jared Flood of, cleverly converted the Urban Aran (from Paton's Street Smart) into a zippered cardigan and I've been wanting to make one ever since I first saw it on his blog. I cast on and began the back months ago (on 9/30/08 according to my Ravelry notes) before I got distracted by holiday gift knitting.

The poor thing sat on the end of my couch, neglected, for months. Well I'm proud to say that I finally finished the back and, with the same needles, cast on the sleeves. Both.

urban aran cardigan

I'm knitting the sleeves simultaneously. Not sure if this any faster or more efficient but at least they will be the same length!


On a limb with Claudia said...

I've never HEARD of knitting the sleeves at the same time. What a great idea! I've got to try some cables. Everytime I come here I am amazed.

Chris Tolomei aka alicethelma said...

You are *too* kind. Thank you!

vtknitboy said...

vehry nice dahlink! yes, 2 sleeves at once is de riguer, a la 2 socks at once!


flyhoney said...

this cardigan is gorgeous. knitting 2 sleevs at a time doesn't go faster, but it maintains tension/length a whole lot easier! can't wait to see it finished! ^_^