December 8, 2007

Gray days

Circles scarf in progress, originally uploaded by alicethelma.

Actually the sun is shining today and it’s absolutely gorgeous outside so what am I doing in here? Just sharing another WIP with you and giving your eyeballs a little break from the constant barrage of bright colors that I subject you to. This is the Circles scarf from the book Knitting New Scarves and I abruptly stopped working on it some months ago. The challenge of all those little donut holes suddenly struck me as a real daunting task. Not sure when I’ll get back to it but I’m sure I will finish it someday. I always do. Finish things.

The yarn used is Knit Picks Panache which is quite possibly the softest yarn I have ever touched. It’s a simply awesome blend of Baby Alpaca, Cashmere, Silk and Extrafine Merino. So utterly soft. So unbelievably soft. Sorry but I think these colors are discontinued. Oh yeah, on size 10 needles. Can you spot a trend here?

Alice is on the sofa re-reading Atonement. I’m off to PDX. Ciao!

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